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Not planning to spend the night?  Join the fun with a day pass.  Twin Ponds Lodge Day Pass gets you all access to the property and its amenities.  Use of the lodge, the indoor pool, hot tub, and sauna, fields and woods to explore, and catch some sun in a lounge chair by the pond.  You have access to the Bears Den, a communal playroom as well as private playrooms. The entire property is clothing optional.  


Friday, Saturday, & Holidays:  $35 per day

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  $25 per day

Most weekend campers check out Sunday night.  Non-Holiday Mondays are quiet days at the camp, great if you are looking to enjoy some solitude, not always the best time for socializing with other members.  Since Mondays are quiet days, we use them to do necessary maintenance.  If you come on a Monday, you may find some amenities closed for cleaning or scheduled maintenance. You can always call-in advance and find out what is on the agenda for any particular day.

Twin Ponds Lodge is a private members only club, therefore, anyone who uses the property must first be a member. 

We offer day memberships or yearly memberships.  Follow the link to learn about our memberships.


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