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Whether you are college age or not, Frat Fridays are meant to be an opportunity for you to come experience the fun and comradery that should be part of everyone's coming of age.  Twin Ponds Lodge is more than a campground.  The lodge itself creates the opportunity to come together, meet new people, some local, and some from away.  You do not have to camp to enjoy Twin Ponds Lodge, we offer day passes, just come for the day and join the party.  The lodge has a heated indoor pool, a hot tub, steam room, and sauna, plus we have a large indoor event space, and acres and acres of woods and fields to explore.  This space is exclusively for its members, no bachelorette parties, just a bunch of guys looking to make friends and have fun. 


Buy One Get One with a current/valid college ID.

Buy a day pass on any day during a Frat Friday Weekend, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and we will give you a free day pass.  You can use your free pass anytime, any week, any weekend or you can give it to a friend to use that same day. 


Rules & Limitations:Day Passes are $40 on Fridays and Saturdays, $30 Sundays through Thursdays.  There is a $5 cash discount on all day passes.Twin Ponds Lodge is an adult only, male only, members only private club.   The college ID must be current/valid this year.  This BOGO deal can only be used for Day Passes.  This deal does not apply to lodging, 

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