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  • Do I have to be naked?
    TPL is clothing optional. That means you don't have to wear clothes... but you can. The majority of what you will see here are members completely stripped down, but then move about the lodge with a towel around their waists. Very similar to what you see in a gym locker room. Many are very comfortable being completely nude and others will use a towel, a pair of shorts or underwear, others will be dressed in regular street clothes. All options are perfectly acceptable and it's about what you are comfortable with.
  • Will my "type" be welcome at TPL
    We get this question a lot: "I'm older, I'm heavy, I'm skinny, I'm black, I'm Asian, I'm shy, I'm trans, I'm socially awkward, I'm (fill in the blank), I have this kink, or that kink, will I be welcome at TPL?" Yes, because all of us are those things, or some of those things or one of those things that make us all feel like maybe we're not good enough or somehow, we are not acceptable. That is what makes TPL what it is, it is a place to just be you. You are enough just the way you are, and you are welcome at TPL.
  • Does TPL accept trans members?
    Yes. As a private men's only social club, TPL is open to all men, cis and trans. As long as your government issued ID says M for male, you present as male, you sign an agreement attesting that you are in fact male, and you meet all other membership criteria (see question 1 under the "memberships" category) you are welcome at TPL. Here you will find a community that values mutual respect, and welcomes new members. TPL is not open to women, trans or otherwise.
  • Does my membership include my day passes?
    No. Your membership dues make you a member of TPL Social Club. As a private club, TPL Social Club can promote its mission of providing a safe, welcoming, clothing optional space, exclusively for men to socialize. Twin Ponds Lodge is a separate entity that exclusively serves members of TPL Social Club for ten months out of the year, March through December. When members visit Twin Ponds Lodge they must pay for either a day pass or for their lodging.
  • Who can become a member?
    Anyone who meets the following criteria can become a member: Members must be male (cis or trans) Members must be over 18 Members must support the mission of TPL which is to create a safe space for men to socialize in a clothing optional environment. Members must agree to and sign the Membership Agreement. Members must pay yearly dues (currently $40 per year). Members must present valid government issued ID and TPL will make and keep a copy.
  • Is my membership information kept private?
    Yes. The information we collect when creating your membership is only used to create your membership. We only call you if there is an issue with your reservation or your account, we do not email you unless it is pertaining to your reservation, we do not physically mail any promotional materials. If your membership expires, it expires. We will not call you or send you a reminder, there is no auto renew that gets billed to your credit card. If you want marketing emails or to join our Facebook group, that is up to you, and you have to sign up for those on your own. We do not link any of our marketing efforts to your membership information. Membership files are kept securely and everyone who has access to those files has signed a confidentiality agreement regarding those records.
  • How do I become a member?
    Memberships are issued in person only. Simply come to the lodge and we will get you signed up. We will need to see a valid government issued ID. We will ask you to read and sign our Membership Agreement. A copy of your ID and your original signed Membership Agreement will be kept on file permanently here at TPL.
  • How much does it cost to become a member?
    Yearly Membership: Memberships are $40 per year. The membership runs for 12 consecutive months from the origination date, ie., if you buy your membership on July 12th, 2023 your membership is good until the last day of the July, 2024. Daily Membership: If you are not local and don't expect to visit TPL more than 3 times per year you can opt for a day membership for $10.
  • I don't know if TPL is right for me, how would I know?
    A lot of people are nervous their first time visiting TPL. If you're not certain that you want to join TPL, swing by someday and we will be happy to show you around and give you a tour. You can also opt for a single day pass plus a one-day membership.
  • What are the cabins like? Do they have bathrooms? Do I have to bring my own linens?
    The cabins are simple but comfortable. They each have a queen size bed, with all the linens, pillows, and towels provided. They each have a mini-fridge, a microwave, a little porch overlooking the pond and the lodge. There is one parking spot at each cabin. The cabins do not have private bathrooms. There is a bathhouse, open 24 hours, next to the cabins which is shared. Many guests prefer to shower in the lodge facility and use the bathhouse when the lodge is closed. There are fire rings and picnic table which are shared by the cabin guests.
  • What is the difference between the cabins and the travel trailers?
    The travel trailers are very similar to the cabins, they are simple but comfortable. They all sleep 4 people, the linens, pillows, and towels are provided. The one advantage of the trailers versus the cabins comes in the summer, since the trailers have their own private baths, small kitchenette, and air conditioning. In the colder months the water is shut off to the RV section and the benefit of having a private bath and kitchen are negated and guests will have to access the lodge for showers and restroom facilities.
  • Can I have an overnight guest?
    Yes. Cabins and Travel Trailers are priced for double occupancy. Anyone you invite to the camp must be a member, or must become a member upon arrival. If you have rented a cabin or a travel trailer the price of the cabin/trailer is for two people. Anyone more than two that joins you must pay for his day pass and then an additional $10 fee to stay overnight. If you meet someone at the camp who is here on a day pass and you invite him to stay the night, they must register with the office and be added to your cabin, tent site, RV, etc. and they just pay the additional overnight fee of $10. If you are here and you are on social media or a networking app and you invite someone to join you in your cabin, that person must join as a member. No one can be on the property who is not a member. You cannot get on Grindr after the lodge closes and invite someone to join you. Once the lodge closes there is no way to verify someone's membership.
  • Are pets welcome?
    Yes, pets are welcome at TPL. In fact, the dogs that come to TPL regularly love it here and we think they have just as much fun as their owners. You can have your pets in certain cabins/trailers or at your tent site. When booking a stay, indicate that you have a pet and the system will only show you pet approved options. Pets are not allowed inside the lodge building. There are some commonsense rules regarding your pets. We do not require that they be leashed, however if your pet is not well socialized with people or with other dogs, a leash might be a good idea. You must supervise your pet when it is not confined. You must clean up after your pet. Your pet can not interfere with any other members enjoyment, so no excessive barking or jumping on people. If your dog is not used to this type of environment, keeping them on a leash might be a good idea until they are acclimated. Service dogs are welcome at Twin Ponds Lodge, service dogs are allowed inside the lodge. While inside the lodge, service dogs must be tethered.
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