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vodka selection

Here at Twin Ponds Lodge, we take our vodka seriously... well, as seriously as we take anything around here. While we have a few top shelf  vodkas, even our well vodka, Pinnacle is pretty damn good.  The plethora of flavored vodkas that are available today makes it fun when we create our cocktail specials each week and even more fun when we start choosing which vodkas were going to use to stock our bar. Every week the collection grows.


Our most popular vodka, straight up or in one of our signature cocktails. Tito's uses old-fashioned pot stills and taste-test every batch. Their process, similar to that used to make fine single malt scotches and high-end French cognacs, requires more skill and effort. Tito's vodka is distilled from corn, so it's naturally gluten free. Tito's Handmade Vodka is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. 

grey goose bottle.png

GREY GOOSE® is the result of an absolute determination to create a French vodka unlike any other. Expressed in each GREY GOOSE bottle is the essence of the finest ingredients from France; soft winter wheat from in and around Picardie plus pure spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region, nurtured and captured from field to bottle in an exclusive process designed and controlled by the extraordinary skills and commitment of their Cellar Master François Thibault.

Chopin bottle.png

Tommy's favorite high-end vodka, it has a slightly thicker viscosity than most vodkas that gives it an interesting mouth feel.  This is the vodka Chopin is renowned for. Chopin Potato Vodka is the world’s most awarded potato vodka, with a distinctly earthy, full-bodied flavor profile that makes it simply the best choice for a martini.



Flavored Vodkas.  We have an eclectic mix of flavored vodkas.  It started with just picking our favorites, when Alli noted that we hadn't duplicated a single brand, each flavor was from a different maker.  Since then its been a rule that we seek out a different maker for each of our flavored vodkas, which makes for a happily chaotic vodka shelf.  

pinnacle vodka.png

Pinnacle in the well.  Clearly we like good vodka, and we are actually even proud of our well vodka.  Pinnacle vodka is not expensive, its not fancy, but it has a clean taste and its very easy to mix.  Pure, high-quality vodka that won't wake you up with a headache the next day.

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