I wish to apply for membership in the Twin Ponds Lodge (TPL) Social Club, and understand this club is a private social club for adult male naturists and adult males who are comfortable with naturism. I understand that I must be a male, 18 years of age or older, and that photo identification with birth date is required to complete the membership process. TPL will keep your information strictly confidential and will not share the information with anyone else. It will only be used to verify your membership status.

Membership fees will be due annually. The fee is $35 per person. A photo ID will be required upon their first visit to complete membership in the TPL social club. You may purchase a membership on our website on the Rates & Reservation page.

I agree to abide by all the rules of the Twin Ponds Lodge Social Club . I understand that any violation of these rules may result in my being expelled from the TPL Social Club at the sole discretion of management.