Hey Guys!
I thought we made it to April and spring but it looks like it will keep snowing to June. Mickey wanted me to mention that we are accepting reservations for Memorial Day Weekend. We will be letting men stay over Monday into Tuesday.

We will be staying open July 4th week. So please submit your events for that week. Remember that TPL will be your July 4th destination this year.

If you have any events you would like to see on the calendar please let us know.

April Events:
4.06-Bring a new member and you get in free
4.07-Salsa Day-Bring in a jar of salsa and you will be able to get in for $10
4.08-Potluck-Best Dessert Contest
4.09-Bring in a Jelly Bean Jar and you will get in for $10.00
4.13-Jock Strap contest. Winner gets a day pass
4.14-Easter Egg Hunt
4.15-Open til 2am and $5 pool tournament (accepting reservations)
4.20-Foosball Tournament
4.21-Spring Fling Dance
4.22-Mexican Potluck come bring your hot dishes.
4.23-Movie Day
4.27-Prize in the locker
4.28-Frat Friday
4.29-Cock Ring Contest & $5 Pool Tournament
4.30-Bring a new member and you get in free
Thanks for always supporting us. We look forward to seeing you at the lodge soon!