The following guidelines which will help keep Twin Ponds Lodge a safe, relaxing, and comfortable retreat for everyone. The Lodge’s policy is that everyone who passes through the gate can be themselves without any of the pressures from the “outside” world.

  1. Twin Ponds Lodge is a private social club for adult male naturists and for adult males comfortable with naturists. All patrons of Twin Ponds Lodge must meet the criteria on the membership application to be accepted as members of the private Twin Ponds Lodge Social Club. Patrons must be accepted as members of the club before utilizing the property.  As a private club, management reserves the right to deny memberships or terminate memberships at any time to any individual.
  2. All members must be male and 18 or older and have a valid membership. A photo ID with birth date is necessary at time of membership application and a copy of this ID will be retained by Twin Ponds Lodge. A photo ID may be required at time of check-in.
  3. On arrival, everyone must report directly to the registration desk in the main lodge and settle their camping, lodging or visitor fees. Day passes are due at the time of arrival.
  4. NO SMOKING is allowed inside the facility, and this includes inside ANY of the buildings and anywhere on the grounds other than the one designated smoking area outside the lodge’s recreation room. If you must smoke, then you must do it in your own vehicle or the designated smoking area. Please dispose of your butts in the ash can.
  5. Inquire about pet policy at time of reservation..
  6. Clothing is optional after you enter the gate. (Clothes – at a mimimum pants or shorts — are required anywhere beyond the wood fence by the road. Please respect the neighbors.)
  7. A towel is REQUIRED of all guests when sitting on any furniture when nude. Please observe this common courtesy and you will appreciate it when everyone else does.
  8. All guests MUST SHOWER with soap before entering the pool, hot tub, sauna, or steamroom. The hot tub closes at 11 p.m. and the sauna closes at 10 p.m.
  9. No sexual activity is allowed in ANY public area, including the front yard of the lodge or the yard in front of the cabins and guest house, in the lobby, sitting and dining areas, sauna, pool, or hot tub.
  10. MUTUAL RESPECT is required of all members/guests. Please respect everyone’s boundaries and their level of interest in activities.
  11. NO GLASS bottles or glass of any kind is permitted outside the cabins or house. Plastic cups will be provided for any desired beverages.
  12. Full campsite or lodging fee payment is due upon the arrival of the first guest if there are multiple guests.
  13. All day pass guests must park their vehicle in the designated parking areas. Any day pass guest who stays over the allotted time will be charged an additional day pass rate or overnight camping rate. Please let us know if this is your intention.
  14. Tent camping vehicles must park in the designated parking areas near the roadway. Parking is not permitted directly at the tent sites.
  15. Vehicle limit at each RV site is one. Any additional vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area except for unloading and loading on days of arrival or departure.
  16. The speed limit on the driveway and campground roads is 10 MPH.
  17. The main gate will be unlocked from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Arrivals after 9 p.m. must be pre-arranged.
  18. Please recycle your bottles and cans. Trash and recyclables should be deposited in the appropriate separate containers.
  19. No illegal activity is allowed. No illegal drugs of any kind, fireworks, firearms, or any weapons of any kind are allowed. Firearms include BB, pellet and paintball guns.
  20. Any behavior which is deemed violent or overly offensive will result in immediate removal from the property and loss of membership.
  21. Please gain written permission from management before taking any pictures or recording video, including the use of cell phone photography or video. No photography of anyone nude or otherwise without their express written permission is strictly forbidden. Picture taking without the express permission from management and the people you are photographing will result in the confiscation of the film or memory, loss of membership privileges, and you will be asked to leave.
  22. There is not a lifeguard on duty in the pool or the ponds. There is NO DIVING into the pool which is four feet deep or into shallow areas of the pond. All swimming is at your own risk.
  23. In the event of emergency, fire or security issue, please contact a member of Twin Ponds Lodge staff immediately. A first aid kit is available in the office.
  24. Campsite quiet hours are 9:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. Please respect your fellow campers. Please silence all cell phones.
  25. Do not attract or feed any wildlife. No hunting is allowed on the property.
  26. Please do not cut any trees on the property – alive or dead. Seasoned and split firewood is available for sale at the office.
  27. Please control the height of your campfire. Do not use gasoline or other dangerous liquids. Do not burn plastic, garbage or leaves. Never leave your fire unattended. Spray with water before going to bed. All fires must be totally contained within fire rings provided for that use.
  28. Dispose of all condoms, etc. in the trash; do NOT flush them down any toilet into our septic system. Please refrain from adding chemicals to your holding tanks. Our septic system relies on bacteria to work properly. To prevent clogs, let your holding tanks fill before emptying into our septic system.
  29. No business activity from your campsite or lodging is permitted without written permission from the campground manager.
  30. When hiking, do not trespass on adjoining property. Hiking trail maps which show our property border are available in the office. Ticks may be present in grassy or wooded areas. Check yourself carefully.
  31. Follow all posted rules. Posted rules take priority over these or other printed rules.
  32. Any exceptions to these policies must be made in writing by campground ownership.
  33. Anyone not following these rules may be denied continued membership in the Twin Ponds Lodge Social Club, and may be asked to leave the property. No refunds of any paid dues will be provided if your membership is terminated.  As a private club, management reserves the right to deny memberships or terminate memberships at any time to any individual.
  34. No cell phone use allowed in the Lions Den or Pool area

Policy is subject to change. Changes will be posted on the website and in the lodge’s common areas. (Revised 9-11-21)